Sunday, 11 November 2012

GX-9900 Gundam X

Okay, I'll first start by admitting that I did not even finish through the first episode of Gundam X. My first impression of Gundam X was somewhat negative. I believed that it was not spectacular and thus have to rely on overpowered weapons to appeal to fans. The mobile suits' design were small and somewhat different than my beloved chunky EFSF units.

So why did I get this HG Gundam X? Partially because CerealKiller is an annoying person who kept trying to introduce me to the series but a lot of the other factor is because of the shiny stickers in the Satellite Cannon weapon.

Turns out, I was proven wrong and actually fell in love with the kit's design. With improvement in technology and importantly, weapon's focus, reducing unit's size and increasing movement speed became a more practical defense measure than adding more armours. Gundam X is actually a lot more equipped than I imagined, very articulated and detailed.

For a start, I did not know that it's rifle can be switched into shield mode. Then there's the whole Satellite weapon backpack and lastly, the slightly much more colorful color palette, like the purple and greenish blue torso.

Building the Gundam X is a relaxing build that I did in quite a quick record time. With minimal efforts, I thought it looked really good. It's easy to sand the nubs, the seam lines are far and few, the plastic colors was quite pleasing and the shiny stickers did not disappoint.

However, there are a few nitpicks, like how easy the stickers can get creased, or that when closed up, the X weapon did not close fit nicely. Plus setting up the Satellite cannon is a real chore and I find myself having to refer to the manual because I just don't understand it. Much more confusing than the Freedom's Balaena shoulder beam weapons.

Because this kit surprised me pleasantly, I'm almost tempted to overrate it but after re-thinking and evaluating, I've decided to give this kit a 7.3. Why the odd number? While it is a great model, it's not the REAL Gundam X. There's no actual planet-destroying beam weapon, meaning on it's own, the HG Gundam X is not really a memorable kit and will not stand out of your model collection if you have other more eye-catching units like the Wing Zero or Freedom.

Nonetheless, that's not to say you shouldn't get it, because Bandai sure as hell won't give us a HG Double X anytime soon and the X Divider isn't as elegant as this version. Remember to leave it posed with the Satellite weapon opened though!

PS: I'm still not going to bother watching Gundam X, or F90 for the record either.

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  1. Well, annoying CerealKiller ==", I really like this kit, eventhough I didn't get mine, is so well designed that is so nice just that is not within my badget, hoping to get it when is on sale. Nice blog and allot of pics, makes me droll. ^^ Nice one