Sunday, 11 November 2012

FA-93HWS Nu Gundam Heavy Weapons System

Having featured the Nu Gundam previously, I won't bother repeating my opinions on the base kit. However, by now you would have probably guessed it right, that the main reason I liked this kit is because it is big and nasty. GP02, Hrairoo, ZZ, Ex-S and Nu Gundam HWS are probably the fattest under 25m Gundam I have in my collection and I absolutely adore every single one of them.

There's something intimidating and inspiring about these units. How despite their bulk, are still agile, how they have a dozen weapons equipped on themselves and their radical backpacks and most importantly, how their sheer size towers over the other units. This HWS is no exception in that regards:

So, yes I do like my kits big BUT in 1/144 scales and talking in terms of MOBA games, these units are like "Hero" units to me, leading the charge in battle, with their minions following suit.

For this version, I got the additional Fin Funnel Set from a Nu Gundoom and boy, the fitting was terrible. There's gaps all over the funnels and just thinking about it is making me angry [I'm punching the keyboard as we speak]. But that's another topic altogether, so remember, if it ain't Bandai, it's probably shit.

The result is a fully equipped HWS Double Fin Funnel Nu Gundam and the balance is so backpack heavy that if I don't support it with a stand, there's no way I can photograph it as well. In fact, weight issue is a prominent problem throughout the HWS Nu Gundam. The gigantic Hyper Beam Rifle means over time, the hand is going to sag if you don't rest it. The High Mega Shield has the same issue and the fin funnels, as said means that the probability of it falling on its back is high. 

But of course, if you had at least a double digit IQ, you could have foreseen all these issues and I'm perfectly fine with it [Important to note since I'll be basing my score rating based on looks mostly this time round].

One of the fun factors of this kit was applying decals on the large flat surface. There's so many nice, big decals that could fit perfectly fine on places like on the shield. The many equipment was also a nice touch, giving that Heavy Weapons System its name. I didn't play around with the poses though as I've highlighted the weight issues before.

The things that I really didn't quite like was how bland the armor is. It's mostly white, with minimal panel lines, so that makes the Nu Gundam look like it's wearing styrofoam as armor. Hell, you could even say the Nu Gundam looks like a Shinto Priest. The point is, if it was somewhat of a different scheme, I think it would have added more to the overall aesthetic of the kit.

Oh bloody hell, I just remembered my initial plan when I bought the kit was to apply DIGITAL CAMO on the armour. Shucks, I completely forgot about it, oh well. I still have that HWS Nu Gundoom *cries*.

Now, having said what I wanted to highlight, I'll give this kit a 6.0. So why did I rave so much about the kit and then slammed it down to mediocrity? Because while I liked the armored concept and extra firepower, I also revisited the vision of a HWS Nu Gundam and thought that the armor did not complement the Nu Gundam shape as well as I initially thought.

Nu Gundam on its own is like a fit and well-toned athlete and the armor hid these features and failed to conform to the original, instead slapping on extra layers of armor till you can no longer appreciate the original Nu's beauty. Plus the plain white color scheme did not add a new dimension to the armors, like depth and the white means that details are not as prominent as they would have been.

If I had selected a custom color scheme for it, my review would be somewhat more positive.

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