Friday, 12 October 2012

RX-78GP01 Gundam Zephyrantes

The GP series Gundams, part of the titular 0083 Stardust Memories series, which on its own is an excellent series despite obvious shortcomings. Let me just first of all, say how much I despise Kou Uraki as the story progressed. Initially, I liked him as he's an earnest, dedicated mecha-head test pilot who we can all relate with his mobile suit obsession. Showing promise of someone with skills and level-headedness in combat, we follow his journey to track down the charismatic Anavel Gato.

But Nina Purpleton, just that one character, transformed Kou Uraki into an insecure and incapable pilot, who's ego exceeded the 18m machines. The wrecking of GP01 remains as a nightmare and has thus prevented me from re-watching the series.

Still, let's not fault the mobile suit and forgetting all the earlier mentions, the GP01 has a really vibrant aura to it, as all the GP series. The combination of cobalt blue, lots of white, red and yellow seemed less comical than the original RX-78 somehow. I think this is due to the curvy profile and better color separation. Thus, to further envision this vibrant Gundam, I've added some greens and orange, hoping to make it look much more colorful without being too toy-ish.

The kit is an old HGUC, one of the early HG kits produced by Bandai and thus you can tell that the head won't be tilting much, the legs won't do kneeling poses and the hands barely cross the torso, hell, the shield can't even be fitted into the hand. But as a standing kit, it's very stable, given the large long feet and lack of top heavy equipment.

Weapons-wise, the combo of beam rifle, shield and inclusion of beam sabers is sufficient without making the kit overbearing. The only problem is, the beam rifles hardly stays in the hand since there is no holding pegs. The beam saber holders also have a tendency to lean forward instead of staying straight in the backpack.

But what it lacked in equipment stability, it makes up with details such as the inscribed 01 insignia on the shoulder, smaller detail parts on the torsos and waists and knees. With aftermarket GP series decals, you can even enhance the outlook tremendously, in particular on the shield.

Surprisingly, I didn't quite like the FB version, since the oversized feet, backpack thrusters and chest vent thrusters looked really out of place on a nimble Gundam, unlike on the heavily armoured GP02. The GP03 however, looks really great as it adds much more sleek and one cannot deny that the Dendrobium is an awe-inspiring weapons platform. I am definitely targetting to one day obtain that monstrosity, and enjoy the satisfaction of carrying it out of the shop.

Overall, I really like the GP01 design, and not even the old articulation can prevent me from giving this kit a 7/10. The reason so is because they managed to keep the essence of the GP01, an emerging simple but versatile prototype, much like the Kou Uraki and Nina Purpleton we initially loved. Infact, looking at the GP01, makes me excited to review the GP02 MLRS specs in future review.


  1. For design wise, I believe I would like the color scheme, and overall before making one, maybe is 8/10