Saturday, 22 September 2012

RX-78-NT1 Gundam NT1 Alex

It's been quite some time since I've updated but ever since I've made slight improvements to taking pictures, the desire to blog has returned. In this episode, I'll be looking at the HGUC RX-78-NT1 Gundam Alex. This  gem was actually an impulse purchase from HAW after realizing that they didn't have, I believe it was Banshee at that time, and the Alex was the only one that I thought was unique.

I didn't watch the 0080: War in the Pocket before purchasing this but I liked the nickname Alex that the Gundam has [Names always gave a more human touch]. Plus the design seemed really retro and gave a police-vibe to it. Hence that's my inspiration to turn some of the red parts blue and added a little bit more yellow to the kit.

As you will notice immediately, I did not bother with the Choban armor for a couple of reasons. The NT-1 on its own looked really great, with all the vernier details and it would be a shame to cover them up with the armor pieces. Furthermore, the lack of heavy ammunition didn't seem to fit in with the extra heavy armor and lastly, I find the Choban armor design to be really ugly dumbed down basic design. The only other worse idea to protect the Gundam would be having it wear a Kevlar vest. 

Now that I've cleared that out, the Alex comes with gattling guns fitted into the forearm [You actually need to swap parts for this], a beam rifle and a shield. Pretty standard armaments although I did especially like the rifle design, it has a FAMAS feel to it.

What did attracted me most is the abundance of verniers all over the Gundam unit. The shoulders, waist, skirts and even forearms featured at least a pair of verniers and when I colored the yellow in, it felt really fun and in my opinion, looks great. Infact the amount of detail features on the kit itself added a lot to the overall aesthetics of the kit. The only outstanding nitpick on the kit would be the articulation, as I would have loved for it to be able to pull off a kneeling position but that's all fine considering the age of the kit.

Having watched the OVA later on, and thoroughly enjoying it since it felt like a believable retelling of a prototype mobile suit, I find the Alex appealing in its own unassuming way. Sure it didn't have funnels nor intelligent AI program, hell even the "breakthrough" Newtype-assist technology it boasted was replaced by another kind, it managed to hold its own against the sabotage attempt and most importantly, looked great executing it.

Plus having a totally competent pilot, a female test pilot too and there's no denying that is a major plus. I just wished Amuro could have made a cameo to personally test it and give his opinion on the suit.

If I were to compare this HGUC kit to modern times Gunpla, I would have to be neutral and gave it a 5, mostly again due to the limited limbs movement and a little minor proportion issue such as short upper torso and stubby feet, but to rate it for what it is meant to be, I would give it a 6.5.

Most of the points comes from the details incorporated into the kit, the availability of waterslide decals to enhance its appearance, the inclusion of extra armaments such as the Choban armor and lastly, the excellent OOB color, especially the blue.

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