Friday, 18 May 2012

Virgin launch of plastic encounters!

"We did it! A blog after long procrastination"

This is the first post of this blog and hopefully not the last! I suppose this is where I lay out the general ideas I have for the content and what is to be expected from this blog. Also, perhaps elaborate on the type of content I'll be including in future posts.

So! This blog is created primarily to act as an archive that "seals" the completion of my kits. I'm a strict 1/144 scale Gundam collector [And for the last time, it's not a toy! *cries*] and usually the process starts from building the kit up, painting and decaling, top-coating and finally, with this blog, stamping with a post to certify it's completion.

The reason why I'm a 1/144 guy is funnily because my first Gundam was a HG Unicorn gift from my sister even though I had really wanted to start with an MG kit, thus I cancelled that thought and began purchasing more HG kits insread. I didn't like the initial thought of requiring to paint to make it look decent, that is until I started and I felt that this plastic canvas was a way to customize my ideal suit [Though now, I realize they sometimes look worse than default schemes]. I then learnt that there's more variety in the 1/144 scale and was pretty content with sticking it out. The relatively cheaper price helps a lot too, since I'm not at the stage where I could afford to throw money at Bandai, much like how the series likes to place millions of dollars in Mechs into beam weapon's line of range like the EFSF and Zeon.

Onto why I like Gundam, I was first introduced to the Wing series, like many, but I hated it initially for all it's political mumbo-jumbo that made little sense to an under 10 boy. It was later with the advent of the internet that I was exposed to more from the UC to SEED and what not other centuries and I'm fascinated by the looks of the Gundams. I've watched stuff like Star Wars, Transformers and SRW but nothing entranced me more than that iconic V-fin. Since then, I've divulged into more Gundam-related stuff and there's a sense of content in the interest, probably because usually the content such as technology and character background are explained.

Back on-topic, I initially wanted to do a story-telling kind of post, or perhaps even fan-fiction till I realized my limited knowledge in Gundam technology, hell, I'm not even sure what a Minovsky Craft system is supposed to exactly do. I'll look rather silly saying stuff like "And thus, Amuro Ray's SEED mode triggered the Trans-Am in his Zaku II and he charged headfirst into Char Aznable's Dendrobium Orchis' Butterfly cannon, causing a large flower to bloom in space" or that sort of silly claims.

Instead, I'll stick to having a profile picture of the featured Gundam, and perhaps accompanying angled-views of it and an assortment of various pictures which can include, but not limited to, action poses and random related shots. It'll also include a short description of what has been done, thoughts on the kits, and things to look out for.
Maybe with time, I'll find the definitely format I'm looking for but until then, enjoy reading this blog, ciao! Blusttoy, launching on maiden mission!

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