Wednesday, 23 May 2012

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam [Unicorn Mode]

Alright, with the recent release of Unicorn OVA 5, I think starting off the blog with the HGUC Unicorn Gundam is an apt start. Furthermore, this particular model was my first GunPla which inevitably also started this financial drain [I remember it like it was still yesterday, that hopeful smile I had holding the box, not knowing that I'll be broke in the near future], and also the fact that I have 3 of this model in total should show that I really like the Unicorn design. Not including the Banshee and Destroy modes mind you!
Of course the one featured here is not the first model I built, since that other version was plagued with thick marker panel lines, silly industrial paint application and just pure decal placement baloney. I think I'm shooting myself in the leg if I were to use the worse GunPla I have as a first post. So I'm taking the better one out to play!

For this particular encounter, I used the following:

- Tamiya Light Gun Metal
- Tamiya Dark Blue
- Tamiya Black Panel Line Accent
- Keiko Unicorn Gundam decal
- Krylon Matte Top Coat

If there's something I learnt [Or try to justify lazily], is that application of white using spray paint will almost always spell disaster, so I avoid painting white if I can avoid it. Plus, I think my panel lining would be terribad if I actually painted the white parts.

Now, on the Unicorn series itself, I really like the array of the Mobile Suit, in great particular the Unicorn, Banshee and Byarlant Custom just because they sport the V-fin although suits like the ReZEL and Delta Plus intrigues me as well. On the Zeon suits, their curvaceous sleek looks are appropriate for the ambitious flamboyant ideals. Overall, great designs all round, even if some of them serves to be cannon fodders for demonstrating how hax a certain suit is, I'm looking at you ReZEL [GR].

Onto the actual story content, I'm not obsessed with knowing what's actually contained within the Laplace Box, and it would be hilarious if it was a mathematical equation that explains life itself [It really is just an agreement proving that EFSF is a lie and that Zeon's Newtype theory was right]. Nor does spiritual power emanating from Newtypes appeal to me, since I really doubt Anaheim Electronics are Soul Society's equivalent.

Focusing back onto Unicorn Gundam [Unicorn Mode], I like the built because it's a great canvas for panel lining and only some decals are enough to make it look good. The rather tall Gundam is also different than typical designs and colours in a rather appealing manner, as in it's pretty and good-guy like but it has more within it and it won't hesitate to go berserk. Here's a 360-ish view of the completed GunPla.

I went with the default Hyper Bazooka and shield configuration as it seems to fit in with the more tame version of Unicorn. This particular model I had, surprisingly have loose ankles on both legs, and it just loves to drop face forward, kissing the floor. Maybe I moved the legs a tad too much but there's no other complaint with the kit itself, apart from the elbow joints, having a tendency to split into left and right components. Makes posing a little annoying but I've to remember that this isn't exactly a toy, so that's pretty negligible.

There's a lot of plus, especially since it's a relatively new kit, thus there's minimal obvious seam lines and nub marks but what I really like about the kit is the included accessories. There's the extra ammo pack to be placed onto the back skirt, hidden beam sabers in the lower arm, clear pink beam sabers, a Hyper Bazooka that can also be mounted onto the backpack, which is also the case for the shield. It's these things that completes the suit, furnishing it.

Here's some close-up shots of the GunPla itself:

The separately sold Unicorn-based Action Base is a great complement to the suit, to further illustrate its Unicorn theme. The first time I got the base, being a noob, I placed the sticker seal into water thinking it's water-slide decals and was wondering why it won't come off when I try sliding it with cotton bud despite soaking it for a few minutes. Oh that was memorable although interestingly, perhaps because of the white base, the edges of the sticker aren't so obvious. With the stand, you can try pulling off some neat poses, though in this post, nothing outstanding since I'm not fond of swapping weapons, given the fear of scratched paint. Besides, Banagher spent most of his time in the Unicorn with its arms open, weapons down anyway.

In conclusion, having built this plastic kit thrice made me appreciate the details such as the weapons and technology, the supposed areas for psychoframe openings and the possible movements of the mech and I don't mind having another one, just to have a decal-less version with perhaps blue eyes and no armaments. I rate this plastic encounter 7/10; a horny fantasy of white canvas that I keep coming back to ;)

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